Top DJ’s in Perth you should be listening to

Over the years, Ice Factory has welcomed international pioneers of dance music. Some you might not even believe to find on Shore Road. However, for us. It’s not always been about the superstar DJs. It’s the local, homegrown talents that we have watched develop their sound over the years that continue to inspire us.

We’ve seen young kids of Perth with a curiosity for creating music, grow into some of Scotland’s top electronic talents. Behind the decks and as party promoters and labels themselves. For a lot of them, their earliest days were spent here at Ice Factory both as guests and as DJs.

So, we’ve created a list of some of Perth’s top local DJs that we think you should have on your radar.


Perhaps one of the Fair City’s best-known DJ collective, Groovement has been a staple to Perth’s electronic scene since founding back in 2013. The youth of Perth and Tayside have grown up to the sounds of Groovement, and in many ways grown with them. The collective has seen members come and go over the years, with original members Mike Smith and Mark Mackinnon currently fronting the name. However, one thing that has remained is the Groovement hype. Ravers of old and new still flock to check out a Groovement set down Shore Road and soak up their intoxicating blends of house, techno and electro as if it was their first meeting.

Sample the sounds of Groovement by checking out their latest live stream recording with The Velvet Lounge & Studio.

Voyage’s Connor Macdonald 

Another of Perth’s top party curators, Connor Macdonald of Voyage should be on your radar if not already. A familiar face to the decks of Ice Factory’s Wildlife room. Connor can not only bring a stellar line-up of scene leaders to Perth’s party-goers. But, also command the decks himself bouncing between everything from rapturous techno to classic house beats.

Until UK dancefloors reopen and you can catch Connor live, you can check out his latest mix for Scottish Selectors.

Craigie Knowes

One of the city of Perth’s most famous electronic exports comes in the form of DJ collective, promoter and record label trailblazers, Craigie Knowes. Headed up by Max Spittal and Mitch Hunter, the pair have organically grown their highly-respected stance in Scottish electronic music culture. So much so, that in the last few years their music elevated them from their Glasgow/Perth base to the bright lights of New York, Berlin and more. As well as securing collaborations with the likes of Boiler Room.

Explore Craigie Knowes’ discog of releases from Mitch and Max as well as their roster of producers via their website here.

Kyle WEC

Once a former Groovement resident back in his early days, homegrown Perth talent Kyle WEC now fronts his own independent electronic label in Glasgow as well as continuing to play and produce as a DJ himself. No stranger to the airwaves of EHFM and Clyde Built Radio, Kyle continues to keep his signature sound on the frontline of Scotland’s electronic scene. Nothing is too left field for a Kyle WEC mix. One minute you could be transfixed in a steady groove and the next you’re in the confines of a deep acid trip. 

Head over to Kyle’s Soundcloud profile to spin some of his set mixes. 


A fresh face to Perth’s electronic scene over the last couple of years, DJCJ is one to watch. Not only a well-crafted maestro of the decks, DJCJ is otherwise known as Craig Johnston, also shows huge potential as a producer. Having released various mixes and tracks on key independent Scottish record labels. Including Hilltown Disco, Craigie Knowes and West End Communications where he has shared his eclectic mixes of techno and house with an acid touch. 

Get behind Craig’s up and coming sound and check out his most recent mix below. 


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